Exceptional Vinyl Window Repair and Restoration Services

Vinyl windows are one of the most popular window options homeowners choose due to their low maintenance, affordability, and efficiency. But what happens when your vinyl windows have a scratch or crack in the frame or sill? Our team at Sabre Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can be your new go-to vinyl window repair company throughout the entire Twin Cities metro area. We offer window frame repair and restoration services to ensure your home never sacrifices its comfort or security due to a cracked window frame.

Window frame damage can come from just about anything, but leading causes include improper installation, wear and tear, Mother Nature and storm damage, and more. No matter what caused damage to your window frame, we can repair it and have it looking like new—you won’t even be able to remember where the damage was.

Whether you’re calling for vinyl window repair or another home service, our team will certainly take care of you. Ask us to take a look at your damaged window sills and frames the next time we’re out for service.

Meeting Your Window Repair Needs in Plymouth and the Twin Cities Metro Area

Just because your vinyl window frame or sill has a hole or crack doesn’t mean you need to have a new window installed—let us assess the damage and determine if a repair will take care of the damage. We can explain the scope of the damage in a single appointment and recommend a plan for repair including when it will be completed so your window is as good as new.

Our repairs will help you avoid unnecessary window replacements other companies might recommend. We utilize polyurethane resin and epoxy paints to completely repair and seal any damage. We can complete the repair in as little as two to four hours and it will be set in a minimum of 48 hours. By the time we’re done repairing your window, you won’t be able to tell where the blemish was.

Give our team at Sabre a call today to have your windows looking great again.

Vinyl Window Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions we get asked about our window repair process:

  • Will my window be usable immediately after the repair? No, your window will require a minimum of 48 hours for the repair to cure and set.
  • What sort of materials do you use to repair vinyl window frames and sills? We use polyurethane resin or Bondo—a polyester filler—to fill holes and scratches and set the repair.
  • Can you repair the glass on my window as well? No, we only repair the vinyl window frame or window sill.