Freshen and Purify Your Air Year-Round by Installing a Ventilation System

Sabre offers two types of ventilators: heat recovery ventilation (HRV) is used for winter ventilation, while energy recovery ventilation (ERV) can be used year-round to reduce window condensation and to improve air quality. Traditional ventilation methods, like opening a window or using a bathroom exhaust fan, may not be enough to provide adequate ventilation in today’s tightly constructed and insulated homes. Use of an HRV or ERV can result in healthier, more comfortable indoor home environments.

In general, ventilators drive stale polluted air outdoors and refresh your home with clean outside air, while at the same time conditioning the air in your home. The process efficiently raises or lowers the temperature of the incoming air, depending on the season, to more closely match the temperature of the air circulating throughout your home.

Ventilators remove excess moisture from the re-circulated air for lower humidity levels, which helps you stay comfortable at higher temperatures in the summer and lower temperatures in the winter. Properly maintained humidity levels in your home will also maximize energy efficiency and reduce utility costs. ERVs go one step further than HRVs by transferring a portion of the humidity to either the incoming or outgoing air for higher efficiency and comfort.

Call Sabre to install a ventilator to reduce pollutants, remove unpleasant odors and excess humidity, and purify the air while increasing the comfort of your home. As air quality experts, we can help you choose the best system for your home!