A heat pump offers dual comfort year-round—operating as both a heating and cooling system that uses minimal energy. It transfers heat indoors during colder months and outdoors during warmer months to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, and it’s one of the greenest options available. But how do you know if a heat pump is right for you?

A heat pump is an ideal comfort system for just about any home. It works alongside your furnace to create a hybrid heating system, which is an environmentally-friendly heating option. It consumes less energy and reduces gas emissions that harm the environment—and can save you money on energy bills when properly installed. Think-green Our licensed professional installers will evaluate your home to make sure a heat pump will not only work, but is the right fit for your comfort needs. Then they’ll install it to make sure it operates safely and efficiently.

One of the main reasons we will recommend and install a heat pump is because it draws warmth from natural resources—the air, ground, and water—and distributes it throughout your home. It automatically adjusts to the weather conditions outside to put out only the amount of heating or cooling that’s needed and distributes air evenly so you don’t have any hot or cold spots. And because the sun naturally warms these resources, pumps are more efficient—you won’t have to wait for fuel to be burned first and then distributed like a gas or oil furnace does.

If you haven’t considered a heat pump, it might make sense to think twice about one. When you choose a Bryant heat pump, you’re choosing reliable comfort that will last for years to come. And when it’s installed by Sabre, you can’t go wrong.