If you’re like a fish out of water when it comes to understanding your home plumbing, time to pick up some tips here. You’ve trusted our Bryant technicians to care for your home comfort, now trust our licensed plumbers to take care of your plumbing needs including installations, repairs, and maintenance. Here are some of our top tips to help you better protect your home:

  1. Use your dishwasher instead of handwashing—it uses less water and can save you up to 1,000 gallons per month!
  2. Keep an eye on your water pressure, so you know what’s “normal” for your home. Lower than normal pressure can mean you have a leak somewhere.
  3. If your toilet won’t stop running, don’t ignore the noise. A leaking toilet can cost you between $70-200 a month depending on how severe the leak is.
  4. Know where your main water cutoff is in case a leak or severe problem happens. This can help you prevent flooding.
  5. Insulate your pipes before cold weather strikes to keep them from freezing or bursting.
  6. Test your sump pump frequently, especially before the rainy season. Pour a bucket of water into the pit and watch the sump pump pump it away.
  7. Use the appropriate amount of detergent when doing laundry. Using too much detergent can cause buildups and musty odors in your washing machine.

We hope that sharing a few of our insider tips will help keep you out of hot water and avoid common home plumbing problems. Check out our website for bathroom, kitchen, and other plumbing tips.

Give us a call to learn more about our Sabre “Peace of Mind” Checkup where we’ll show you how to check your home plumbing, including: how to test your sump pump; maintain your boiler, water heater, and water softener; check for toilet, sink, and shower leaks; and more!