Expert Plumbing Repairs and Replacements in Plymouth

Are you having plumbing problems? Do you need your drains cleaned or a backup sump pump installed? In addition to quality heating and cooling services, Sabre Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning offers plumbing repairs and replacements at reasonable rates—along with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and cleanliness. Our skilled plumbers, licensed in the state of Minnesota, specialize in complete residential and light commercial plumbing, outside sewer and water, boiler installation, and more. Although plumbing is typically out of sight out of mind, it requires maintenance, repair, and replacement to keep your home functioning.

Our Plumbers Keep Your Plumbing Running Smoothly

Save yourself the trouble and choose Sabre—our licensed plumbers will take care of everything from simple things like frozen pipes and pesky leaks to more complex issues like underground leak detection, water heater replacement, and water piping. Our knowledgeable experts will quickly troubleshoot and identify your problem and do the job right the first time. Plus, we will always provide you with an estimate before we begin any work. Don’t allow a temporary fix to satisfy your plumbing needs—these patch jobs can actually lead to larger and costlier problems. Opt for quality repairs you can rely on and choose Sabre.

Whether you’re adding on to your current home or building a new one, let us help you plan out your plumbing. Our plumbers don’t just offer professional suggestions—our contractors follow plumbing codes and standards to avoid future problems. We can calculate the amount of water needed for your family’s daily living, take into account how many appliances in your home use water, and then recommend a plan and plumbing system from there to ensure optimal efficiency.

Thinking about remodeling? Our plumbing contractors can seamlessly replace outdated toilets, sinks, and showers for newer, more efficient options. Let us recommend a low flow toilet which saves water with every flush and can save you money on utility bills. Our vans are stocked with materials and parts needed to complete your project on time and on budget so you’re never without a bathroom for an extended period of time.

Contact our plumbers for all of your plumbing repair and replacement needs, or for any project requests, including new construction and existing home remodeling. And be sure to check out our kitchen, bathroom, and basement plumbing pages for tips and information to help you maintain your home plumbing and avoid issues like clogs and backups. You’ll be so satisfied with our plumbing services, you’ll want us to meet your heating and cooling needs, too. Our plumbing services include:

  • Remodeling plumbing
  • Plumbing repairs
  • New construction plumbing
  • Water heater installation, repair, and replacement, including tankless
  • Fixture repair and replacement, including:
    • Waste and vent piping
    • Icemaker lines
    • Lawn faucets
    • Garbage disposals
    • Sump pumps
    • Tubs and showers
    • Dishwashers

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