Let’s be honest—the next time you experience a system malfunction, you don’t necessarily need to call the Bryant professionals at Sabre Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning right away. There are a few HVAC issues you can fix yourself to save time and money. Here are some of those problems and how you can take care of them:
Before you call for service, there are certain HVAC issues you can fix on your own

  • Believe it or not, thermostats are one of the leading causes of furnace and air conditioner malfunctions. If your system won’t run, double check that your thermostat is on and set to the correct setting. You can even bump it up/down by five degrees to see if that kicks your system into gear. If your system is already on, turn it off for five to 10 minutes and then turn it back on. Sometimes all your system needs is a simple thermostat adjustment to get going.
  • Clogged air filters can also cause your heating and cooling systems to stop working. As dust and dirt collect in your filter, it impedes the airflow and causes your system to operate inefficiently and even shut down in severe cases. Look to see if your filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. If you’re not sure which filter to use, our experts can recommend one for you.
  • Sometimes a tripped circuit can cause your system to shut down if it overworks or too much electricity runs through it (like a power surge during a storm). A quick check of your circuit breaker will show if the circuit was tripped to protect your heating and cooling system. Shift the on/off switch to see if that gets it running again.
  • Make sure there is nothing blocking your system or the air registers in your home. Obstructions like leaves and debris outdoors can clog your A/C and cause it to shut down. Similarly, if your indoor registers are blocked or closed, this can cause airflow to overcompensate in other areas and limit your system’s ability to function properly.

When it comes to issues with burners, ignitions, belts, and blowers, we recommend that you give us a call or request an appointment online. These part malfunctions are more involved, but we’ll be out to troubleshoot any problems as soon as we can.

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