Going to be away from home for a while? Forgot to change the temperature before you left for work? Simply connect your smart phone, tablet, or computer to Wi-Fi to adjust your temperature remotely so your home is comfortable when you get back. And the best part is you can change the temperature from your bed when you want the house just a little bit warmer. Here are some other benefits of a Wi-Fi thermostat:BryantEvoConnex

Save money on energy bills with a thermostat that automatically adjusts to provide you with heating and cooling when you need it, minimizing energy loss and wasted money. It also takes human error out of the equation. Stop guessing if you should change your indoor temperature and let your thermostat learn your schedule and preferences. It will automatically adjust and operate efficiently to save you money on energy bills—on average, around $180 a year.

Get automatic alerts in the event that your indoor temperature falls or rises outside of your set range. Should your system break down, you’ll automatically be notified so you can call for service instead of having to come home to a surprise. And because a Wi-Fi thermostat also monitors your HVAC system, it will keep track of annual maintenance and filter changes for you. You can keep an eye on your home—or vacation cabin—from anywhere by monitoring it with the companion app.

A Bryant thermostat installed by Sabre means you’ll be in total control of your home comfort. The Evolution Connex Control is a perfect example—it gives you control over temperature, humidity, air treatment, and timing. Plus, it’s incredibly efficient and easy to use. Demo the thermostat for yourself to see firsthand how it works.