Delivery of new furnace by technician for installation

Furnace Installation in the Plymouth Area Since 1997

Sabre Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the leading heating and cooling contractors in Plymouth, Minnesota and the suburban Twin Cities area. We proudly meet your heating and cooling needs with highly efficient Bryant® furnaces—the best heating, cooling, and ventilation systems available today.

We will help you find the best furnace for your specific home comfort needs, and then expertly and quickly install it. Our factory-trained, NATE-certified technicians will help you find the unit that provides the results you expect—in both energy efficiency and savings. Our furnace installation work meets all energy-required guidelines including correctly sizing your furnace to your home heating and cooling requirements. Only then will you maximize your furnace’s performance as well as your fuel savings.

When we install your furnace we also test for efficient air flow, verify your furnace has been tested for proper operation and venting, check that ducts are properly sealed and insulated, show you how to change the filters, and set up the thermostat, if not already in use. Although we keep up with the latest technologies and advancements in the field, we’re a plumbing, heating, and air conditioning company that offers the same old-fashioned, friendly full service we started back in 1997. That includes the installation of energy-efficient Bryant systems.

Yearly maintenance is a vital part of making your new furnace run more efficiently and last longer. Check out our Sabre Blue maintenance program for prompt VIP service and our best pricing—satisfaction guaranteed!

Replacing Furnaces to Maintain Indoor Comfort

When your furnace requires frequent repairs or isn’t heating properly, it may be time to consider a replacement. We can assess your heating system, determine if it can be satisfactorily repaired, and then let you know if the cost of repair is a better option than the cost of a replacement system. We want what’s best for you.

A proper unit selection and installation can have a major impact on your utility bills—our technicians are all licensed and trained in doing just that. Rather than making the decision for you, they will offer professional recommendations to find what fits your home. We will calculate the size of your home, budget, and needs since these are all important factors to consider when selecting a new furnace. Your home comfort is an investment and with the right unit selection, you can save money and increase your family’s comfort for years to come. We will recommend energy-efficient Bryant systems that will pay you back with energy savings on utility bills.

Our technicians are highly skilled and continually educated on the latest advancements in the industry to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction. When it comes to your home comfort, choose our team at Sabre. You will get a fair price and exceptional service at every appointment including your furnace replacement and installation.

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