Central Air Conditioning Operating Tips

Sabre Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the leading furnace and air conditioning contractors in Plymouth, Minnesota, serving the suburban Twin Cities areas. For better operation and efficiency of your central air, consider our central air operating tips:
  • Hold a constant temperature on your thermostats. Programming your thermostat to go up or down will actually increase your energy bills and will make it impossible to balance the temperature from room to room.
  • Running the fan constantly will help balance the temperature from room to room and level to level.
  • In homes with a large amount of windows facing sunlight, it is common during the cooling season for the temperature in the house to be greater than the setting on the thermostat. Turning down or shutting off the thermostat will do nothing to help cool your home because the heat is coming from the sun. Running the fan constantly, shutting the window blinds, or cracking a window will help this problem. The problem is caused by the house being built extremely tight and efficient. Older homes have a large amount of air infiltration which can cut down on heat from the sun.
  • During hot summer days, keep in mind the air conditioning only cools at one degree per hour when it is roughly 78 degrees or more outside, and only maintains the temperature inside when the outside temperature is above 90 degrees. Make sure the temperature is set to a comfortable temperature early in the morning. If you set back the thermostat during the day and wait until later in the day to bring the temperature down, it may take until late in the night to bring the temperature down. The best and most efficient policy is to leave the temperature at a comfortable setting at all times.
  • Clean the outside of the A/C with water or with air pressure as needed to keep the fins on the A/C clean. Clogged fins are a common service problem that can be prevented with yearly maintenance.

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