Our Bryant experts know Minnesota winters can be something else—that’s why we’re sharing our top tips on what to do if your furnace breaks down. The first thing you need to do is check for a natural gas leak. Natural gas is incredibly dangerous—and even fatal—so you need to inspect your home immediately. It has a distinct sulfuric, rotten egg smell due do the mercaptan that’s added to the colorless, odorless gas. If you do smell natural gas or hear a hissing noise, go to a neighbor’s house immediately and call 911. If you don’t smell natural gas and are sure there’s not a leak:
Prepare your home before the cold weather arrives

  • Insulate pipes that are on exterior walls, exposed, or outside. Pipes are more likely to freeze when temperatures dip below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but insulation acts as a barrier to protect them from the cold.
  • Open cabinets on extra cold nights to allow warm air to circulate around pipes. Pipes on exterior walls have a greater chance of freezing, but opening cabinets can keep this from happening.
  • Patch cracks and holes in your home’s foundation by filling them with foam insulation and caulk to stop cold air from entering your home and coming in contact with pipes.
  • Fix home plumbing leaks now before the cold hits when the chance for burst pipes increases.
  • Disconnect your outdoor hose and pack it away until spring. Leaving a hose connected year-round means water inside it will freeze and expand, potentially damaging the fixtures and pipes it’s connected to.
  • Drain and close outdoor shut-off valves to keep any remaining water left inside from freezing and causing damage.
  • Locate your water main and make sure you know how to turn off your water supply in case a pipe bursts.

Between our professional plumbers and Carrier technicians, our team at Sabre is here for you all winter long with solutions to your home comfort needs. In the event that something does go wrong, you can be prepared. Learn more about our plumbing repair services—and read through more tips in our most recent plumbing blog.