This month, the experts at Sabre Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning are answering top air conditioning questions. Find out how you can keep your cooling system running at its best this summer. Plus, more answers to the questions our customers ask most often:

  1. When should I get my A/C ready for summer? Don’t wait until it’s steamy to find out if your air conditioner works. Once temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees, remove debris from the outside unit and then turn it on. You should still call for professional maintenance, but this “test run” gives you a chance to notice issues. Pay attention to noises, odors, or overall functionality and share any concerns with your tech when he arrives to do an annual Clean & Tune.
  2. The experts at Sabre answer popular A/C questionsIs it bad to turn my A/C up and down or should I leave the settings alone? It’s smart to limit cooling when you’re asleep or away from home to save on energy. The best way to do this is with a programmable thermostat. Even then, a few degrees’ difference is all it takes to save money, without creating huge or frequent temperature changes. Also, resist the temptation to use the override button to make manual adjustments.
  3. Should the fan switch be set to “on” or “auto?” The “on” setting continually circulates air throughout your home to balance the temperature and help you feel more comfortable. But the “auto” setting is the more inexpensive option because it saves energy—the fan only blows when the A/C is producing cool air. Decide whether you’re looking for cool comfort to eliminate hot and cold spots or to lower energy bills, and then set your thermostat to “on” or “auto” accordingly.
  4. I’m always hot—do I need a bigger air conditioner? This is a myth. Your house doesn’t need the biggest air conditioner available to stay cool. It just needs one that’s appropriately sized for your square footage. An oversized unit will constantly cycle on and off, not dehumidify your home properly, waste energy, increase wear on your equipment, and likely require frequent costly repairs down the road.

    Set your fan to the “on” position to circulate air throughout your home and eliminate warm and cold pockets. If you’ve still got certain rooms that are too warm, consider a ductless split system to take control of that area, without overcooling your entire house. It uses heat pump technology to transfer heat out of your home in summer, and draw it in during winter for year-round comfort. It’s an affordable, easy-to-install unit that is more efficient, effective, and quiet than a window air conditioner.

  5. What if there’s ice on my A/C? Turn off the unit so it can defrost, then call Sabre. Insufficient ductwork, a dirty filter, a broken blower motor, or leaking refrigerant are possible causes, but we’ll need to take a look at your system to pinpoint the problem and provide an estimate on the necessary part or repair.
  6. Should I use a dehumidifier in the summer? Your A/C naturally decreases the humidity in your home because cool air holds less moisture than warm air. But it can only do so much—on really muggy days, you can be cool but still notice dampness. Avoid feeling uncomfortable by pairing a dehumidifier with your cooling system. Not only will this feel better, but it will also protect your home from mildew, wood warping, and musty odors.
  7. My A/C isn’t working—what should I do? Sabre has 24-hour emergency service, but we don’t want you to worry needlessly. Before you call, we recommend you check a few things on your air conditioner. Often, you can get your system running again with a few troubleshooting tips from our pros.

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