We know upgrading your air conditioner can feel stressful—especially if your current A/C failed unexpectedly. To make your shopping experience easier, the installation experts at Sabre Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning share three things to keep in mind when browsing for a new cooling system.

Select the Right Size

The most common mistake homeowners make when upgrading their air conditioners is selecting the wrong size. Some people think choosing a larger system will give them better cooling power. In fact, it does just the opposite—the system cycles on and off too quickly. You’re also more likely to have higher energy bills and need a new system sooner than expected, as under- and oversized systems wear out more quickly.

What you should know when upgrading your air conditionerFinding the right size air conditioner is best left to a pro. They will account for your home’s square footage, layout, heat-generating appliances, energy efficiency, and other important factors. This guarantees your new system will keep up with demand and do so efficiently to save you money.

Pick the Right SEER Rating

After picking the right size, focus on seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings. These assessments measure a system’s overall cooling efficiency. The higher the number, the more efficient the system.

Here in Minnesota, the minimum SEER rating is 13. By law, all air conditioners must meet or exceed this minimum rating. If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient system, you can find systems with SEER ratings as high as 25. Just keep in mind that while higher ratings are more efficient, you will face a larger price tag upfront.

Choose a Professional Installation Team

Finally, you need to select a professional installer who understands and follows industry regulations. Without one, the two points above won’t matter. It takes an experienced technician to ensure every connection is tight, no leaks are present, and your system is working correctly and safely. We train our professionals to find even the smallest of faults, like a bent fan or faulty evaporator coil. You can rest assured that every detail of your installation was done correctly and safely with an experienced tech. Plus, a professional installation validates your manufacturer’s warranty—if something goes wrong in the future, you’re likely covered.

Upgrading Your Air Conditioner This Season? Call Sabre

Twin Cities homeowners trust the experts at Sabre when they need an air conditioner upgrade. Our technicians are specially trained on the entire process, from the first conversation and Bryant® system recommendation to final connection and system test. If your A/C is acting up and you suspect you’ll need to replace it soon, call or schedule an appointment online today.